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​The Power Parents examines eight parenting techniques that deal with power struggles, nurturing intelligence and building deep connections. Dealing with tears, fears, indignation, and potty training are just a few reasons parents work to sharpen their tools. By getting a clear vision in dealing with these and other key issues that parents face, you can lift stress from your life and bring more harmony to your family.

Just as an artist uses different brushes, colors or tools to create a painting or sculpture so does the parent shape, color and form their child through the choice of parenting techniques and the way in which these are used. As parents it is your responsibility to encourage, guide and nurture your children to their full potential by growing their capacities in intelligence, collaboration, focus, communication, authenticity, creativity and so much more. That is the point of our aware and positive parenting program.

Synthesizing insights about human nature, child development, modern psychology, and education you will explore the deep connection of the parent and child. Along the way, you will examine powerful tools, which help parents to shape the life of their child and promote peaceful parenting. Nurturing a life is like cultivating a field. If left unattended, it will grow aimlessly and wild with weeds but as gardener with foresight who nurtures and develops a flourishing and vibrant garden so too can a parent support the development of a stunning child with a life of vitality.

 * Nurture your child's intelligence, focus, communication....

 * Address tears, fears, indignation & potty training

* Work with diet & exercise experts from ABC TV show Extreme Makeover

 * Master parenting tools

 * Build community

Supporting our children in discovering their full potential—
Intelligence, Communication, Focus, Authenticity, Creativity,  and so much more....

Our Mission: To support parents, educators, and caregivers in  nurturing the full potential in children by offering tools and techniques that help in shaping the lives of our children.

Our Approach: Offering lectures, workshops, and learning groups that support and empower adults and children to discover their full potential. Creating community and support through videos, learning groups as well as providing training.
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Power Parents is  working with LAUSD through LA's Best this year creating curriculum for the students and implementing our Garden Program. Last year we implemented and continue our parent/teacher curriculum with great success! It is very exciting for Art of Aware Parenting to be working with such a great group parents and staff of LA's Best.

​Kris Reid and Alisa Daglio have joined Power Parents bringing with them great expertise to our program. They were recently honored with a congressional medal for their "Mind, Body, Action" program which helps to fight childhood obesity. They will be bringing techniques for active families and healthy eating. We are currently producing a series of eight videos that will cover the foundations of Art of Aware Parenting curriculum.

Now offering Nanny Certification Program to ensure parents that their children are provided with learning opportunities, building social skills, deepening their capacity for focus, creativity, independence, collaboration and other vital life skills. While expanding a nannies skill set, it also provide the caregiver with stronger pay opportunities.The Parent/Nanny Program supports a better relationship between the parent and nanny while also establishing a safe environment to discuss sensitive topics, deepen communication and most of all ensuring that the children are getting cohesive support.

NOTE: Art of Aware Parenting is not associated with the Aware Parenting Institute

Power Parents

Shaping and coloring the lives of our children.